MB Agri SA is a wholly owned subsidiary of MB AfroAsia SA (Pty) Ltd.

MB AfroAsia SA (Pty) Ltd. is a joint venture based in South Africa with the majority share held by MB Holding Company LLC based in Oman. The MB Group commenced operations in South Africa in 2013. Early in 2015, it acquired the first Truck City (Pty) Ltd branch, MB Truck City Cape Town, the authorised dealer for Iveco Trucks in the Western Cape. The MB Group invested further in its South African operations with the acquisition of a second Iveco truck dealership in 2016 based in Johannesburg and trading as MB Truck City Johannesburg. In 2016 the MB Truck City ‘s footprint expanded even more with the opening of the MB Truck City Bloemfontein branch. This marks the first IVECO corridor along the N1, serviced proudly by the MB Truck City group. A number of properties have also been purchased by MB Properties to cater for the housing needs of the Group.

MB Plant SA (Pty) Ltd t/a MB Agri SA has expanded the Group’s South African footprint with the acquisition of the sole distributor rights for Mahindra Tractors in 2018.

It is MB AfroAsia SA’s strategy as a group of companies to grow into a diverse business driven through a common support structure and trading model. It is committed to consolidating its operational base in South Africa but has an avowed ambition to also extend its business interests into the surrounding states.


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